School: Petaluma High School
Teachers: Philip Tacata
Grades: 11-12
Collaborators: Marin Bay Kayaks

Essential Question: What is a “healthy” watershed? How does a healthy watershed stabilize local ecosystem biology, geology, and toxicology? What can I do to help promote and maintain a healthy watershed in my community?

Project Summary

This December, students will cover an in-depth survey of the ecological community of the Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Reserve. This survey is in preparation for the students’ winter trip to the Monterey Peninsula where they will do a biological tour –on kayak– of the Slough. In the early spring, students will cover a comparative survey of the ecological community of their local Petaluma River Watershed. Subsequently, students will explore how climate change affects the ecology of riparian and estuarine communities and their related urban ecosystems.

Ultimately, students will participate in either a watershed restoration event or a storm-drain signage project in the spring. Student groups will create a video presentation of their watershed restoration work or participation in the storm-drain signage project.

The beneficiaries of our student actions will be the residents of our local community.

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