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Participating Schools: San Antonio High School
Lead Teachers: Jessica Morilla
Previous Participants: Jessica Dennen (Sonoma Mt. High School)
Participating Classes: 9-12

Overview: "Why is California water considered liquid gold?" Students will learn about the science and history of water as a natural resource on a local, state, and county level, stretching to the Petaluma watershed. They will investigate water as an ecosystem service and how human activity impacts and modifies its natural cycling, storage and distribution. Special attention will be paid to drought and the harvesting of water in California.


Curriculum Highlights

Key Learning Objectives: Students will engage in curriculum that explores the science and history of water in the golden state and will investigate how human activity has impacted and shaped this important resource and its infrastructure.

Fieldwork Activities:

Students will take a field trip to the Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility and go on two walking visits to the closest creek/Petaluma River to collect water quality data with "HydroColor," a water quality app.Students will experience a variety of hands-on activities to deepen their understanding of the concepts involved in the essential question. 

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CA Curriculum Standards Addressed:

NGSS Earth Science Standards

ESS2.C: The Roles of Water in Earth's Surface Processes
Water continually cycles among land, ocean, and atmosphere via transpiration, evaporation, condensation and crystallization, and precipitation, as well as downhill flows on land. (MS-ESS2-4)


Student Work

This anti-pollution PSA was made by students in Jessica Dennen's class at Sonoma Mountain High School. It was presented at the 2016 Watershed Classroom Showcase.